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Making the move from your own home to a rest home or retirement village can be a big adjustment. We can help make the transition a little easier by taking care of the paperwork.

Packing up your belongings or downsizing isn’t the only thing to take care of when you are making the move into retirement. Whether you are moving to a rest home, a retirement village or a granny flat, there is paperwork to fill out to ensure that your rights are protected and you retain your independence.

Our team has specialist knowledge and experience of retirement planning. We will ensure you understand any obligations that the rest home or retirement village has to you and your obligations as a resident including any costs and ownership structures of your new apartment, villa or unit. We can also assist with applications for rest home care subsidies.

If the move was unexpected, and you require extra support to manage your affairs, we can put in place a legal document called an Enduring Powers of Attorney which appoints someone to act on your behalf.

What to expect on your journey

Reach out to one of our team

We are here to support you.

We look at your situation

Every situation is unique.

Guide you through the process

We provide tailored advice.

Take care of the paperwork

We set all the documents up.

Protect your rights

Ensure you know your rights.

Legal protections

Put in place legal protections.

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