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Appointing someone to act on your behalf, if you are no longer able to act for yourself, protects your personal welfare and your property. We can help smooth the way.

Apart from writing a will and a living will, another way to protect yourself, your wishes and your assets, is to appoint an attorney to act on your behalf – this can be a responsible family member or one of our lawyers.

We can help you put in place an Enduring Powers of Attorney. This sets out who can take care of your personal or financial matters when you are unable to. It is helpful for the person you appoint (the attorney), as it allows them to be able to talk to your bank or to arrange the sale of property on your behalf.

If an Enduring Powers of Attorney is not in place and you are unable to manage your own affairs, your family will need to go to the Family Court to appoint an attorney. We can help with the application.

Although Enduring Powers of Attorney are needed when going into a rest home or retirement village, an Enduring Powers of Attorney is useful for people at every stage of their life.

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