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The Incorporated Societies Regulations 2023 (Incorporated Societies Act 2022) are now in force.

The Incorporated Societies Regulations 2023 (Incorporated Societies Act 2022) are now in force. All existing incorporated societies have until 5 April 2026 to re-register, after which they will cease to exist. What do the Regulations affect? The new regulations are relevant to all existing societies incorporated under the 1908 Act who wish to remain an…

Changes to the Bright-line Property Rule

For many decades the backbone to a kiwi family’s retirement plan was to own a rental property or properties. In some cases, the properties have been bought with no money down, having leveraged again equity in their own homes. For the last decade or so, successive Governments have had political pressure applied to make housing…

WINZ Rest Home Subsidies

This is a complex and specialist area covering the circumstances in which individuals can qualify for assistance from the government to pay for the not inconsiderable rest home fees that can be involved where a person is living in a rest home or indeed receiving constant hospital care in the hospital wing of a rest…

What’s love got to do with it?

The late Tina Turner famously asked this question while recording her fifth studio album in 1984. Unfortunately for Mrs Turner, she didn’t have a lawyer with her in the studio at the time of recording to let her know that when it comes to protecting your assets, love can have a lot to do with…

Inheritances and Relationship Property

Inheritances and Relationship Property Have you inherited some money or you are about to? Should an inheritance be shared with your Partner or kept separate? If you are in a relationship and inherit money, you need to consider whether you want it to become relationship property, or whether you want to recover it in the…

Care of Children

Care of Children When parents or guardians of a child separate, one of the most important issues to work through is how you will arrange the care of your child. Are you to have an equal share of the day-to-day care or will one of you have the child most of the time? It is…

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