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The Kiwi quarter acre dream has evolved from one home to multi-property ownership. Our commercial team know the ins and outs of investment property transactions.

If you are purchasing a residential investment property, whether an existing property or off the plan, our team can assist with reviewing the terms and conditions of the contract. We can also advise on the best ownership structure, while working with your accountant to achieve this.

We liaise with your bank or mortgage broker and look at bank guarantee requirements as well as advising on the governments newly introduced healthy home requirements. Plus, we complete all the details required to settle the purchase.

Conversely, if you are selling an investment property, we can assist with reviewing the sale and purchase agreement, again work with your accountant, liaise with the bank, advise on debt repayment and complete the necessary documents to settle the sale on time.

Whatever your requirements or ownership structure, our qualified and experienced team are on hand to support property investors across Christchurch and Canterbury.

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