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Looking after your family during your lifetime and beyond can be achieved by setting up a well-structured family trust. Our experts can guide you through the process.

Our team understands trusts. We offer a wealth of experience and have established many family trusts for Cantabrians and their families. We can advise you on the pros and cons of setting up a family trust, and help you to work out whether this is the right thing to put in place to protect your assets now and for future generations.

Trusts can have tax benefits, offer some protection from a business venture, can be drawn upon as needed, can be used to protect an inheritance and can also be created and included in your will. Whether as part of a strategy to protect your assets in the here and now, or as part of a longer term strategy, our experts offer tailored advice and will set-up your family trust to ensure the people you would like to benefit from the trust are taken care of.

Once the trust has been formed, our trusted lawyers can manage the ongoing aspects of the trust, work with the appointed trustees and discharge any duties.

What to expect on your journey

Reach out to one of our team

We are here to support you.

We look at your situation

And take into account your goals.

Guide you through the process

We provide tailored advice.

Take care of the paperwork

We set all the documents up.

Ensure things are clear cut

We structure things to avoid complications.

Help you achieve your goals

We help you to protect your assets.

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