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Legal issues that involve your relationships are invariably stressful and emotional. It is important to seek the advice of professionals who have your best interests at heart.

If you are in a relationship – whether marriage, civil union or a de facto relationship, it is important to understand how your property is owned or to be owned.

Our team of compassionate individuals are experts in the area of relationship law, and in particular when it comes time to purchase or divide property assets.

We are able to advise on all aspects of relationship property law, including negotiating and drafting property sharing agreements at the start of a relationship, and if need be, at the end of a relationship. For asset protection purposes, we can also advise on relationship property agreements during a relationship.

Every situation is different and by getting the right advice from the beginning, the best outcome can be found for you.

What to expect on your journey

Reach out to one of our team

Firstly, we are here to listen and support you.

We look at your situation

Every situation is unique, we look at your goals.

Guide you through the process

We provide timely advice and support.

Ensure things are clear cut

We structure agreements to avoid complications.

Should complications occur

We liaise with the other side’s lawyer.

Help you achieve your goals

We work with you to reach a resolution.

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