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When Do I Get The Keys?!

So you've bought a house... how do you know when settlement will be final, and you can get your hands on those new keys?

Final Inspections... Do You Know Your Rights?

What rights do you have when it comes to a final inspection before taking possession of a home?

Are You Aware of the Property Tax Law?

Did you know every party in a sale and purchase agreement needs to sign a tax statement?

Why Do I Need a Building Report?

What does a building report cover?

What are Form and Content Clauses?

Do you know how the Form and Content clause can affect your contract when buying or selling?

The Spirit of Aegis - presented to Stephen Kannangara

On August 21st, founding partner Stephen Kannangara was presented with the prestigious Spirit of Aegis award...

Why Should I Pay for a LIM?

Why should you pay for a LIM, if one has already been provided?

Buying a Business - 7 Things You Need To Know

Are you looking at buying a business or franchise? Brent Selwyn from Kannangara Thomson shares 7 key points to consider when buying a business. 1. Stock Adjustments Clauses 2. Staff 3. Restraint of Trade 4. Tangible Assets vs Non Tangible Asset

The Role of Your Lawyer in a Property Transaction

In this article we take a short look at what your lawyer does in the background to assist you in completing that all-important sale, purchase or refinance. The role of a lawyer in conveyancing matters is largely misunderstood by the public and it is

Making A Will

Brent Selwyn shares a brand a new video on "7 Things You Need To Know About Making A Will". If you are thinking about getting a Will then watch this video first.


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