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Kannangara Thomson has the expertise in Wills and Estate Planning to provide peace of mind for you and your family. We offer personal, cost-effective help with writing wills and managing family estates, and provide practical advice about estate planning, trust management and administration of deceased estates in New Zealand. Our services include:


Your will sets out your wishes for how your affairs are to be managed after you are gone. In your will you can specify who you'd like to provide for, who you'd like to leave special gifts or sentimental items to, who you'd like to look after your children (guardians), your wishes for your funeral and an executor (administrator) to carry out these wishes.

If you wish to decide how your property is to be dealt with if you die, then a Will is essential.  When drafting your will, we help you understand your options for providing for family and other interests, writing your will so that everyone can understand and act on your wishes. We encourage you to review your will regularly, preferably every 3-5 years or when your personal circumstances change significantly, and update it accordingly.

We can recommend effective asset planning techniques (which can be incorporated into a Will) and can also assist with putting you in touch with other professionals to arrange specific services, such as a pre-paid funeral.

Our Wills and Estates Experts:

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