Our team specialising in immigration laws is regarded as one of the best in Christchurch and has been providing clients with practical and cost-effective immigration solutions for nearly a decade.  We act for private clients who come from many different countries including China, Korea, Japan, India, UK, USA, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and many more.  We also provide corporate immigration services to our company clients needing to obtain work visas for their overseas workers.

It is important that you obtain proper legal advice in respect of your immigration requirements from the outset as one wrong step could complicate matters and frustrate your desire to make New Zealand your home.  We fully understand the importance of immigration matters for our clients and how they can impact directly on our clients’ lives and aspirations.  Our team is dedicate to providing you with the expertise and knowledge to safely guide you through the process and towards the goal of becoming a New Zealand resident.  We offer comprehensive legal services relating to all types of temporary visas, work visas, residence visas under all categories, section 61 applications (for overstayers), responding to potentially prejudicial information, complaints process, and appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal and High Court.

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