Elder Law

As the average age of the New Zealand population continues to rise, and more people are living well into their 80s and 90s, there is an increasing need for legal services that understand and respect the particular issues faced by the senior members of our community.

Our Elder Law team is a specialist division set up by Kannangara Thomson to cater specifically to the needs of our ageing population, helping to enhance their quality of life and promote dignity and independence.  Primary services offered by our Elder Law division include:

Enduring Powers of Attorney

We can assist in putting in place Enduring Powers of Attorney in relation to personal care and welfare, and also in relation to property. An enduring power of attorney is a legal document which sets out who can take care of your personal or financial matters if you can't - this person is known as your attorney.  These are a necessity when entering most Rest Homes, and we strongly recommend our elderly clients put in place Enduring Powers of Attorney.

PPPR Applications

Sometimes, Enduring Powers of Attorney are not put in place and people lose the capacity to manage their own affairs. When this occurs, an application needs to be made to the Family Court pursuant to the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988, to appoint someone who can act for the subject person. Such applications are usually urgent and we appreciate that the circumstances surrounding the need for an application are often a cause of stress. We can assist with the application and limit this stress.

Rest Home Care and Subsidies

We can assist with applications for rest home care subsidies, while our team has specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with WINZ and can assist with an application for a rest home care subsidy. We also have expertise in dealing with the various documents associated with rest home care including occupation arrangements.

Alternative Accommodation

Often as people grow older their accommodation arrangements become less suitable. There are many options including downsizing, moving to granny flats with their children and retirement homes. Granny flats and retirement homes require considerable expertise to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved and further contingencies are put in place, and we’re able to provide expert advice on this complex topic.

Our Elder Law Experts:

Steve Bray (steve@ktlaw.co.nz)
Brent Selwyn (brent@ktlaw.co.nz)
Mike Timings (mike.timings@ktlaw.co.nz)
Kris Wooles (kris.wooles@ktlaw.co.nz)
Anna Kannangara (anna@ktlaw.co.nz)
Brigitte Robinson (brigitte.robinson@ktlaw.co.nz)
Amanda Crawford (amanda.crawford@ktlaw.co.nz)


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