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Most people don’t have wills, or they have them, but they’re out of date!

We all have possessions. Some of these are tangible, like houses – others are less easy to keep track of, like shares or business interests. But everything we own is worth protecting.
We like to assume everything in life will turn out for the best – but in reality this is not always the case. Sometimes we do fall ill, our family relationships may break down, our businesses may fail, or our loved ones may pass away before their time.

We can’t always stop these calamities from happening, but we can make plans to deal with the consequences if they do happen. For example, you probably have some property insurance, not because you expect a house fire, but to be ready should one happen.
Legal asset protection is the same kind of precaution – and it can be just as simple to organise.
There are various legal ways we can protect our families and our possession in the event of one of these unavoidable calamities.

These protection mechanisms include:

• Family Trusts
• Advance directives
• Wills
• Relationship Property Agreements
• Powers of Attorney
• Company Structures
• Insurances.